General Liability

Austin, Texas General Liability Insurance

Every business needs to protect themselves from accidents or injuries that may occur on their business grounds. General Liability insurance coverage can protect your Texas business from these unexpected expenses.

There are many different plans and options when choosing a General Liability plan, and our experienced agents at Trucking Insurance Services of Texas can assist you in finding the right plan at the right budget. If you have the right liability insurance plan in place, you can be protected if you face a lawsuit. Certain Austin, Texas businesses face more risk of accidents or injuries, so doing an analysis of your business can help in finding the best General Liability plan that fits your needs.

General Liability coverage for Austin, Texas businesses

Alcohol sold for off premises consumption
Assault and Battery included Liquor Liability
General Liability, Liquor Liability, Property & Assault and Battery coverages available

Commercial risks in need of higher General Liability limits
We offer excess over our coverage and over other carriers
Coverage can also extend over Commercial Auto and/or Employer's Liability in conjunction with the General Liability

Can consider vendors with up to 40 carts/stands
Can consider up to 5 trucks
General Liability & Inland Marine coverages available

Inland Marine coverage for equipment generally used in construction (personal use equipment is also eligible)
Coverage available for scheduled items over $1,000 in value and/or unscheduled items under $1,000 in value

Commercial risks in need of higher General Liability limits
Follow form coverage
Minimum attachment point of $500K
No self-insured retention

Health clubs, gyms, yoga studios, Pilates studios, circuit training facilities, etc.
General Liability & Property coverages available
Abuse & Molestation and Professional Liability coverage included with General Liability

Must be based out of the home (no commercial space)
Ideal for self-employed freelancers and independent contractors
General Liability with BPP included and Professional Liability sublimit on most classes
Classification Descriptions

Golf carts, catering equipment, ATMs, mobile concession stands, etc.
Inland Marine coverage for smaller mobile equipment

Residential and commercial cleaners (rated on number of workers)
Property Damage Extension included
General Liability & Inland Marine coverages available

Mowing, seeding, weeding, and raking/blowing leaves (Incidental sprinkler repair is also acceptable)
General Liability coverage available along with optional Equipment Coverage

Broad appetite including new ventures, risks with entertainment, dance floors, BYOB and more
General Liability, Liquor Liability (separate from GL) and Property coverages available

Medical offices, law offices, accountants' offices, insurance agents' offices and many more
New ventures are eligible
General Liability and Property coverages available

Trucking and express companies (rated on number of units/trucks).
Blanket Additional Insured and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation available
General Liability and Property coverages available

Our agents can assist you in considering all aspects of your General Liability insurance package to give you the most appropriate policy available. We will help you customize a specific plan that works for businesses in Austin and the entire state of Texas.